Australia’s Specialists In Industrial Technology Solutions

In 2015, RTT Group Directors Peter Reeve and Trent Todd combined their industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver specialised industrial technology solutions to the Australian & Pacific market.

With more than 25 years experience working in and managing complex mechanical installation projects, Trent is known for his industry expertise and commitment to customer service. Through his business J&T Mechanical Installation, he has spent the past eight years delivering mechanical installation projects and maintenance services to the food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sectors.

Since establishing his business Reeve Business Development in 2013, Peter quickly gained a strong reputation for delivering niche technology solutions and business development services to the industrial sector.  Peter’s background is in computer science, and he has held senior positions within the IT, Electrical Automation, Communications Connectivity and Technology sectors.  Having worked with a number of industrial clients throughout Australia, Peter has established professional relationships in the telco, rail, mining, oil and gas, and food and beverage sectors.

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Consulting with you to determine your specific needs, we will assist with sourcing the appropriate technology for your application.  We provide installation, team training and scheduled maintenance services and will ensure the right technology is successfully integrated into your company.

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