Bladon Micro Turbine Genset
Reinventing the diesel genset for telecom tower power.

Bladon 12kW Micro Turbine Generator (MTG).

RTT Group is the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific distributor for Bladon Micro Turbine.

Bladon is the world’s first manufacturer of microturbine gensets for the telecom market.

The company has developed a revolutionary microturbine, with patented heat exchanger and air bearing technologies to deliver cost effective reliable power.

The 12kW Microturbine Genset from Bladon is poised to take over from conventional diesel gensets, offering superior performance, cleaner emissions and compelling commercial advantages.

Switching from a conventional diesel genset to a Bladon microturbine genset (MTG) transforms the cost profile of running discrete distributed power to a telecom tower, reducing total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Bladon is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), combining world renowned British engineering and design expertise with innovative manufacturing processes.

Up To 8,000 Hour Service Intervals

• Up to 90% fewer site visits
• No lubricant or liquid coolant
• Minimal replacement parts make services simple and low cost

Fuel Flexibility

• Use diesel, kerosene, paraffin or mix them
• Lowers fuel costs
• Deter fuel theft through mixing diesel with kerosene

Secure By Design

• Hardened cabinet
• Single service door access
• Tamper-proof internal hinges
• No reusable parts for traditional diesel gensets

Reduced Environmental Impact

• World’s only EURO V Compliant 12kW diesel genset
• Quietest genset at <65dB at 1m
• Ultra low vibration

Reduce Opex by up to 60%

  • Up to 90% reduction in site maintenance visits
  • Up to 30% savings in fuel costs
  • Proactive antitheft measures through mixing fuels, non-reusable genset parts, low value consumables
bladon turbine australia microturbine dissel genset

Applications (Primary or Backup power):

  • Cell towers
  • Rail telecommunications equipment
  • Remote telecommunications equipment
  • Roadside control, communications and telemetry equipment
  • VSAT
  • Microgrid