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RTT Group is the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific distributor for Bladon Jets, a class leading microturbine generator.

Designed and built in the UK, using state of the art manufacturing techniques, Bladon Jets brings a revolution in micro gas turbines; a new generation of green and efficient power units.

Bladon’s revolutionary patented microturbines, heat exchanger and air bearing technology harness the power of a miniature jet engine to provide a compact, clean and ultra reliable alternative to the traditional diesel generator.

With their high-efficiency, clean-burning combustion process, Bladon MTG’s operate with very low emissions. Available in gas and liquid fuel versions, Bladon gensets run on a wide range of fuels, including green alternatives such as natural gas and biofuels as well as diesel and kerosene.

Bladon gensets compact footprint and low noise, vibration-free operation enables them to be installed almost anywhere indoor, outdoors and rooftop – including in sensitive business or residential locations.

With service intervals of up to 8,000 hours (almost a year) and no oil or liquid coolant required, the MTG needs fewer site visits. The MTG has just one moving part, giving it jet engine like reliability and longer life. Another factor that contributes to the overall lower total cost of ownership is its superior part load efficiency.

Bladon’s MTG’s can be used as primary power source, hybrid mode with batteries or renewable energy sources, or backup power to the grid.

Features and Advantages:

  • Higher fuel efficiency – up to 25% more efficient at part load than other leading brands of diesel generators
  • NO oil or liquid coolant required ever!
  • Up to 8,000 hours service intervals
  • Ultra-quiet No vibration
  • Ideal for Urban Applications Indoor / Outdoor / Rooftop Installation
  • Low emissions
  • External or integrated liquid fuel tank options up to 2,000 litres
  • Remote telemetry & monitoring built-in

Cost of ownership comparison (MTG vs Traditional Diesel generator)


Quick specs MTG12

Power Output 12 kW @ 25°C @ sea level  Power Factor 1.0
Efficiency 26.5% (for DC output)
Voltage output -48V DC 120/230V AC single-phase/three phase 50/60Hz
Current 250A max 100A/52A max
Engine Type Micro Gas Turbine
Operating Environment Prime Power or Hybrid modes (indoor, outdoor or rooftop configurations)
Fuel Options
Fuel Tank External or integrated liquid fuel tank options up to 2,000 litres
Fuel Types Diesel (EN590:2009), Kerosene or Diesel/Kerosene blend, Natural Gas, LNG/CNG
Physical Specification
Dimensions 1450mm (W) x 900mm x 1470mm (H)
Weight (excl. batteries) 600kg
Security IP54 Ingress protection, Tamper proof cabinet. Remote monitoring and geo-locking options.

Applications (Primary or Backup power):

  • Cell towers
  • Rail telecommunications equipment
  • Remote telecommunications equipment
  • Roadside control, communications and telemetry equipment
  • VSAT

DISCLAIMER: *Specifications are not warrantied and are subject to change without notice. RTT Group disclaim any and all liability for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any datasheet or in any other disclosure relating to any product.
**8,000 hours service life subject to suitable air and fuel quality.