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RTT Group is the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific distributor for Bladon Micro Turbine.

Introducing the Bladon 12kW Micro Turbine Generator set (MTG); a game changer in providing cost effective and clean distributed power to the mobile telecom tower market.

Switching from a conventional diesel genset to a Bladon microturbine genset (MTG) transforms the cost profile of running discrete distributed power to a telecom tower, reducing total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Up to 8,000 Hour Service Intervals

With up to 8,000 hour service intervals, switch genset service visits from once a month to once a year or less. Bladon’s microturbine genset has only one moving part and the reliability synonymous with turbine technology delivering longer life than a traditional diesel genset. Requiring no engine oil or liquid coolant further reduces costs and environmental impact.

Fuel Flexibility

Use conventional diesel in the MTG and preserve the supply chain or switch to kerosene or paraffin fuel without any modification to reduce opex costs further. Mix the two fuels and deter theft again without any changes to the MTG.

Secure By Design

Designed from the very start with security in mind. The MTG has single service door access, tamper proof internal hinges, tamper proof shrouded lock hasps, smartlock compatible, and shallow service area. The MTG has no reusable parts for conventional diesel gensets either; making it less attractive to theft.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The Bladon MTG is the world’s ONLY EURO V emissions standard compliant 12kW diesel genset. Producing 80% less Carbon Monoxide (CO) and 60% less NoX than conventional diesel gensets. No oil or liquid coolant makes the MTG cleaner, reducing oil and disposal costs by 100%. With a sound envelope of <65dB at 1m the MTG is whisper quiet and has virtually no vibration. A perfect application for near residential or sensitive areas and rooftops.


Features and Advantages:

  • Up to 8000 hour service intervals
  • Up to 90% fewer site visits
  • No lubricant or liquid coolant
  • Services simple and low cost
  • Use diesel, kerosene, paraffin or mix them
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • World’s only EURO V Compliant 12kW diesel genset
  • Quietest genset at <65dB at 1m
  • Hardened cabinet
  • Powerful monitoring and management capabilities built-in

Quick specs MTG12

Power Output 12 kW @ 25℃ @ sea level

Power Factor 1.0

Peak Effciency 25%
Voltage Output 230 V 50Hz
Ambient Operating Temprature -10℃ to + 45℃
Engine Type Micro Gas Turbine
Operating Environment Prime Power, Backup or Hybrid modes (indoor, outdoor or rooftop configurations)
Fuel Options
Fuel Tank External liquid fuel tank options up to 3,000 litres
Fuel Types Diesel (EN509:2009), Kerosene (K1 Grade) or Diesel/Kerosene blend
Physical Specification
Dimensions 2.1m(L)x0.9m(W)x1.1m(H) Excluding fuel tank and exhaust flue
Weight <700kg Excluding fuel tank and batteries
Security IP54 Ingress protection, Tamper proof doors. Remote monitoring and geo-locking options. Single service door access

Applications (Primary or Backup power):

  • Cell towers
  • Rail telecommunications equipment
  • Remote telecommunications equipment
  • Roadside control, communications and telemetry equipment
  • VSAT
  • Microgrid

DISCLAIMER: *Specifications are not warrantied and are subject to change without notice. RTT Group disclaim any and all liability for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any datasheet or in any other disclosure relating to any product.
**8,000 hours service life subject to suitable air and fuel quality.