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RTT Group is the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific sales agent for Dynamo Micropower, a class leading microturbine generator specifically built for the Oil & Gas market.

Dynamo have dedicated countless hours and worked with leading experts in the Oil and Gas and turbo-machinery sectors to bring about this revolution in power generation. They pride themselves on building high performance, flexible and reliable power solutions.

The purpose built Dynamo Micropower PowerCore is a set and forget solution for the oil & gas patch that performs around the clock. Their solution requires minimal setup or fuel conditioning and can operate directly on lease gas. To achieve this, a re-imagined gas turbine sits at its core, utilizing a proprietary combustion and fuel delivery system allowing for the combustion of a broad range of fuels in a single unit.

Dynamo’s proprietary chassis-frame was developed for rapid servicing with a complete overhaul taking less than four hours using basic skills and tools. Their turbine sports a split shaft design to effectively accommodate the cyclic loading of beam pumps, and multiple units can be combined in series to increase power and reliability. Dynamo Micropower’s products are constantly monitored to maximize operating life and ensure safe, robust field management, so that field services teams can swiftly respond as needed. Dynamo is committed to insuring their power products provide unparalleled availability in the field.

Wet Gas Resilient, Slug Tolerant

Operates with up to 50% water / mass including slugs in the fuel line.

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Fuel Flexibility | Features and Advantages:

  • Handles gaseous fuels 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut
  • Burns pipeline gas, wellhead gas, and wet gas
  • No need to tune engine at each site
  • Minimal fuel conditioning required
  • Single set of hardware covers entire range of fuels
  • Built-in telemetry monitoring options


Energy Storage | Features & Advantages

  • Faster response to load changes
  • Reduced stress on mechanical system
  • No need to oversize equipment just to meet inrush loads
  • Scalable to meet any type of load profile
  • Handled by fully automated control system


Quick specs POWERCORE PC10

Nominal Performance**
Power 10 kW, 12 kVA Handles peak loads greater than 10 kW
Voltage output 240V AC single-phase or 400/480V AC three-phase
Engine Type Micro Gas Turbine
Operating Environment Outdoor
Fuel Options
Fuel Types Wellhead gas,
LPG (propane), and CNG
Fuel quality 900 BTU/scf [33 MJ/Nm3] to 2400 BTU/scf [89 MJ/Nm3] Tolerant of wet gas
Physical Specification
Dimensions 2130mm (W) x 1520mm x 2130mm (H)


Applications (Primary or Backup power)

  • De-watering pump
  • Progressive cavity pump
  • Light towers, auxiliaries
  • Pump jack
  • Cathodic protection
  • Small booster compressors
  • Auxiliaries at booster stations

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