Bladon Micro Turbine Genset
Reinventing the diesel generator set for telecom tower power.

Bladon 12kW Micro Turbine Generator (MTG)

The Bladon Micro Turbine genset is no ordinary genset. It shares some characteristics with conventional diesel gensets but it has some unique specifications and features that separates its performance, reliability and its overall total cost of ownership.

Use the Bladon Micro Turbine Genset (MTG) to replace conventional diesel gensets or hybrid gensets for offgrid and badgrid telecom applications. Reduce operating costs, service costs, fuel theft and environmental pollution simultaneously.

The Bladon MTG uses an Innovative Microturbine Engine and Air Bearing Technology, which can deliver up to 12kW of reliable power.

RTT Group offers a complete service, from sales to installation, maintenance, support and 24/7 system monitoring throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. View our service page to find out more.

Bladon MTG in 2 minutes

BLADON MTG uniquely lowers operating costs and total cost of ownership
serviceOnce a year servicing
  • Reduce site service visits by up to 90%
  • Zero maintenance, sealed for life power unit
  • No liquid coolant or oils, no overhauls, no oil disposal required
multi fuelFuel flexible
  • The MTG can run on diesel or kerosene, or any blend of the two
  • Approved paraffins or a blend of fuels to reduce operating costs and fuel theft
reduced emissionsCleaner, quieter
  • EU Stage V emissions equivalent
  • Less than 60dB(A) @ 7m

Compared to hybrid genset configurations the Bladon MTG can reduce TCO especially for sites that are off grid or connected to bad grid (<16 hours of reliable grid power availability).

example usage diesel genset (DG)Example: Using actual data (South Africa) – off grid site with 6kW average site load – reduced TCO by 20%

standard usage hybrid gensetExample: Using actual data (South Africa) – off grid site with 6kW average site load – reduced TCO by 20% compared to hybrid genset configuration

Cleaner and quieter

The Bladon Micro Turbine Genset bridges the gap between 100% adoption of renewable energy solutions with traditional diesel gensets. The MTG delivers all the reliability and practicality of a diesel genset but with significantly lower emissions, noise and no engine oil or disposal costs. The MTG is EU Stage V equivalent and produces significantly less emissions than the new legislative requirements or equivalent.

The Bladon Micro Turbine generates a sound that is very quiet and unique making <60dB(A) at 7m. No other generator sounds like this one.

emissions graph

Remote management and control as standard

Eliminate unnecessary site visits through real time monitoring tools from DeepSea Electronics. The DSE7320 MKII™ controller and DSE890 Gateway™ remote manager are standard in the MTG.

MKII™ controller
DSE890 Gateway™ remote manager