Bladon Micro Turbine powers critical Australian radio site.

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The Bladon MTG was chosen as the reliable choice of power generation at a critical radio site in Australia.

The MTG’s ultra low emissions (EU Regulation Stage V compliant), ultra low noise and low maintenance requirements, with only one service visit this site is supporting critical communications.

Given its location and the ongoing risk of bush fires across the state, the site build was accelerated to ensure essential services communications were available.

We would like to thank our service and support partner Kordia solutions who successfully installed and commissioned the Bladon MTG on the 5th of March 2020.

Bladon Micro Turbine’s touch down in Australia

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Watch this space for future deployments of Bladon’s MTG in live customer applications.

Bladon Micro Turbine News

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We would like to share with you a photo from the latest install of a Bladon Micro Turbine.

This off grid site was recently commissioned in Africa as part of a roll out for a global telecom. The Bladon MTG was chosen for its ultra reliability and ultra low maintenance requirements.

We thought you might be interested in the following screen shot of the new Bladon MTG portal.  The portal provides all related MTG performance information, plus other features including alarm configuration and site location.

Back home in Australia, we recently placed an order for MTG’s that were picked up last week, and are now making their way to our Currumbin Qld office.  

We have had significant interest in the Bladon MTG, and are currently planning a number of customer installs with our service partner Kordia Solutions.

Bladon Micro Turbine Australian demo day

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What a great turnout we had last week for our first Bladon Micro Turbine demonstration day.

We particularly want to thank all of you who registered early and took valuable time out of your day to attend, especially those who travelled from Perth and Melbourne.  

It was wonderful to share the excitement of the MTG running, in an Australian first customer demonstration.

As expected, the feedback was very positive. Comments included:

  • It’s the first time I’ve ever had a conversation next to a running generator, it’s very quiet.
  • The unit produces such ultra low emissions when running; there is no smoke.
  • Such little maintenance is required (Air & Fuel filters). 
  • Provides an ultra-low touch, reliable alternative to a traditional diesel generator.  
  • It’s not every day you get to stand next to a running microturbine engine!

For those of you who missed the first open day, don’t worry we have more days available at Kordia Solutions office in Brisbane! 

To register your interest, please contact us at – 

Bladon Micro Turbine lands in Australia

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What an exciting week as we met with the team from Kordia Solutions and unpacked our Bladon Micro Turbine demo unit.

Engineering is well underway for our demonstration site, and we anticipate to have it commissioned within the next two weeks.

Going forward we would like you to register your interest to visit our demonstration site in Brisbane.  

We plan to have a number of open days where customers can visit a running unit and experience this evolution in power generation first hand.

Please register your interest and secure your spot early. 

Bladon MTG transforms Telecom tower site in Durban

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We would like to share with you a recent story from Bladon’s African partner, which highlights some of the commercial and technical benefits of using the Bladon Micro Turbine genset.

When we talk to our customers about what the Bladon MTG12 offers their business, we typically hear the same things. They love how much money they save thanks to the longer service intervals and need for fewer site visits;  the fact that they don’t have to use any oil or liquid coolant, and that the fuel flexibility allows them to mix fuels which makes the MTG more secure and cheaper to run.

We also hear about the reduced environmental impact with its low emission and low-noise pollution levels…..especially when customers see an MTG running first hand. Then they realise that when the MTG is running it truly sounds and smells different, especially if they have been exposed to traditional diesel gensets in the past.  An experience one of our customers had recently shows that the Bladon MTG’s advantages in this area can be crucial in certain environments.

At a particularly leafy and off-grid residential telecom site in Durban, the client needs to run a diesel genset 24 hours a day to keep its telecoms tower supplied with reliable power. Because of the noise, smell and emissions from that machine, they faced repeated and ongoing complaints from the site’s neighbours, to the extent that they were at risk of losing the site altogether.

To address this, Bladon, together with our African partner, provided them with a brand new MTG12 at short notice to replace the existing diesel genset. The MTG12 is the quietest genset on the market, emitting less than 65dB from a distance of one metre. Because of the microturbine engine, it also produces incredibly low vibration. It is also a much cleaner and greener when running, as the world’s first EURO V Compliant 12kW diesel genset.

The MTG12 is one of the few gensets on the market that is actually designed to operate with a reduced environmental impact, which can be more beneficial than businesses may at first realise. Compared to a traditional 15kVA diesel genset, the MTG delivers almost a 80% reduction in CO emissions, and 60% in NOx emissions. 

This translates to a significantly lower carbon footprint for a mobile network or tower operator with 1,000s of towers to manage.

Stay tuned to receive the latest updates, or feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Bladon’s first production 12kW MTG has left their Coventry factory in the UK and travelled over 8000 km’s to South Africa.

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Until recently, South African Telecom tower owners faced the significant challenge of delivering efficient and reliable power to some 30,000 towers. Bladon is pleased to report that their Micro Turbine Genset (MTG)  is currently successfully addressing these key challenges in South Africa. 

Unreliable electricity grids mean that nearly every tower requires a backup source of power. Combining a reliable Micro Turbine Genset, married with a fuel tank that can take either diesel, kerosene, or a mixture (eliminating fuel theft) brings a unique way of reducing a tower network’s operating costs, without drastic changes in supply chain or configuration.

There are many issues and challenges involved with servicing diesel gensets at thousands of towers, some in very remote locations.  Anything that can contribute to reducing or eliminating costly visits to these sites is paramount. 

Bladon’s MTG needs attention only every 8000 run hours or once a year – which leads to thousands of kilometres eliminated in site travel, and a significant reduction in associated maintenance costs to the asset owner.

Lock it and leave it – Bladon’s telecom tower partner can now enjoy up to 8,000 hours or once a year service intervals.

Over the coming weeks, we will have some exciting news to share regarding the launch of the MTG into the Australian market.  

The first Bladon MTG12 has rolled off the production line

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Last week was a busy week at Bladon’s Coventry manufacturing facility, as the first Bladon MTG12 rolled off the production line.

Before it can be shipped, the MTG12 underwent a series of rigorous tests.

Constant running and cycling across all of the power ranges up to 12kW has been undertaken night and day, rain, hail or shine outside and inside their test cells.

Bladon have run their engines to the equivalent of 5 years regular usage to put the turbine, air bearings and control system to the test.

Reliability is the cornerstone of what they do.

The MTG requires once a year servicing (or less), can use multiple fuel types without modification, is super quiet, and already has the lowest emissions of any genset of its size.

The Bladon team assembled to celebrate the culmination of years of dedication and hard work. Congratulations to all!

Bladon @ TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2018

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bladon exhibitionBladon team at the TowerXchange South Africa 9th October 2018, official MTG launch.

Bladon Micro Turbine (“Bladon”), the pioneer in the design development, engineering and manufacturer of micro turbine gensets (“MTGs”), announces today at the influential TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2018 the launch of its first commercial product, the Bladon MTG12, a 12kW (15kVA equivalent) micro turbine genset developed specifically for the global telecom tower market.

With a total cost of ownership up to 30% lower than conventional diesel gensets, the Bladon MTG is transforming the way power is provided to telecom towers across the continent of Africa.

  • It offers up to 8,000-hour service intervals, which translates to 90% fewer site visits than conventional diesel gensets
  • its fuel flexibility lowers fuel costs and will reduce fuel theft; a multi-million-dollar problem for mobile networks globally
  • the MTG is secure by design and reduces the risk of theft with tamper proof internal hinges, single service door access, no parts that can be reused for conventional diesel gensets
  • with only one moving part, no liquid coolant or engine oil to dispose of, the MTG provides ultra-low noise and vibration free operation along with class leading emissions that make it cleaner, quieter and significantly reduces the MTG genset’s overall environmental impact when compared to conventional diesel gensets.

These benefits have been demonstrated through field trials conducted this year in South Africa, Uganda and Nigeria.

Kieron Osmotherly, Founder & CEO of TowerXchange, said: “Over 50% of a towerco network’s operating expenses can be attributed to maintenance and fuel costs for their energy equipment. Any technology or process that can reliably reduce this goes straight to their bottom line. There is an increasing appetite from the market now to embrace innovative ways to tackle this difficult problem especially in Africa and Asia where network grids can be unreliable and where tens of thousands of towers are off grid.”

Andrew Edmondson, CEO of Abbott Technologies, said: “We have been working with Bladon for the last 12 months refining the offering of its micro turbine genset for the African market. We are now ready to show to our clients how the Bladon MTG can transform the way discrete reliable power is delivered to the telecom tower with an astonishing once a year service regime compared to once a month for a conventional diesel genset. As a partner of Bladon’s, we are excited to begin delivering and supporting this solution.”

The Bladon MTG will be unveiled at today’s TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2018, the pre-eminent, invitation-only event for Directors, VP and C-level decision makers in the African telecom tower industry which is made up of more than 200,000 towers on the continent. The Bladon MTG has been eagerly anticipated by the industry and Bladon is working with leading Mobile Network Operators and Towercos to deploy its MTG.

Paul Barrett, CEO of Bladon Micro Turbine, said “The well-established telecom tower power market is ideal to showcase the benefits of our disruptive MTG, which offers dependable power for significantly longer than the incumbent conventional diesel genset, requiring less frequent intervention, with reduced environmental impact and greater security from theft. Our field trials of the MTG have demonstrated these benefits to our customers, who are now looking forward to making very significant cost savings by its adoption. We look forward to presenting our best of British engineering Bladon MTG to the industry over the next few days.”
Stay tuned to recieve the latest updates, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please note, Bladon Jets have now officially rebranded to Bladon Micro Turbine.

Bladon Micro Turbine – Update

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bladdon micro turbine site visit

Bladon’s Product Manager David with RTT Group Directors, Peter Reeve and Trent Todd.

We have just returned from visiting Bladon’s new manufacturing facility in the UK.

We are pleased to announce that the units are operating efficiently as expected, are producing limited emmisions and are extremely quiet when operating.

We also met some of the impressive new team sourced from the Aerospace, Formula One and automotive industries. We had a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the latest technology, production build out and QA facilities that have been implemented.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing some exciting news regarding the imminent launch of this game changing power generation technology.

Stay tuned to recieve the latest updates, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please note, Bladon Jets have now officially rebranded to Bladon Micro Turbine. You can check out their new branding along with the full video at our website